Removing toxicity and negativity from your life.

1- Start posting jokes on your whatsapp status. Start it now. Like this one. 

2- Take a big pack of candies or chips to your work place once in a week. It might cost you few bucks but people actually become positive when they see food around. Same thing for home. Take something freshly baked or cooked while going back to home.

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3- Start sending mails to many online magazines about what you like to read, check some new properties for sale around, fix appointments and check them with property dealers. This helps a lot as you will meet new people, can talk out of your box for a while. Or visit a car showroom just like that. 

Always remember one thing! 

Shopping is not a therapy but the walking you do during that actually is the real wonder. 

4- Buy few new kind of 2–3 deos or visit perfume counters, check new ones. And you can try new shirts as well. Not buying only trying. 

So basic motto to remove toxicity around you is to check upon new and positive things. On a regular basis. 

5- If you are a foodie, try to change your eating habits with little meditation or yoga. That is a very effective remedy and costs nothing. Many 5–10–15–30 minutes yoga videos are available on youtube. 

6- Start asking for small help from the kids in the neighborhood and keep some chocolates in your pocket to give them. You will gain few good smiles instantly. 

7- Keep checking and posting jokes everyday in your social media. Smiles are contagious. 

All the best. 

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