Marriage is a promise!

Marriage is a promise –

1- That you will always value each other’s privacy rights.

2- That you will save. Please do not spend according to your heart. Save like what your mind suggests.

3- That compromising is not a big deal. Just remember that most successful kids come out of marriages where mothers struggled a lot.

4- That old world sayings are still most workable ones till date. So expect less, give more.

5- That let him spend, splurge and save. Do not spend his money like river ever. Help him in each financial aspect.

6- That let him be proud of you. Once in a day look at him and feel proud too that he is yours.

7- Kid snot important but very important but lesser means you will give better life and focus to them. The moment you bring kids in this world, their happy upbringing and excellent level education shall be your first priority.

8- So marriage is not about shopping, sex and fun. Marriage is a promise that you will be treated equally as his family member and his family members accept you too as you are. Same for him.

Make a promise for him, yourself and both families that you both will give your best to it!

All the best to all daughters and sons in the world who are getting married.

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