Race 3 the most bakwaas movie of the year

Race 3 review –

1 Good thing – Jacklin Fernandes’s faadu pole dance(you will come to know about kind of hard working she is actually, never saw any other Bollywood heroine doing that kind of stunts).🏆

Other bad things –

1- Salman Khan sucks, sucks and sucks. Even Anil Kapoor looked like his younger brother/son despite of his white beard. And again Salman Khan sucks.

2- If Salman Khan knew 10 years earlier all the things how can he allow his own sister to date a cousin being from a Hindu family of UP?

3- Salman Khan had two bollywood gfs(3 actually-he used same kind of shortest shorts on his heroins just like on Katrina Kaif in Tiger Jinda Hai)and he knows well that which KIND of crowd majorly goes to watch him/shortest shorts very well. So if you feel that majorly a particular kind of people go to watch him nope they go to watch those bikini n naked women only. And bhai knows and shows the taste very well.

4- All the time Anil Kapoor is wearing 20-20 Kgs over coats in an Arab world island where even in winters people hardly wear that kind of warm clothes. So basically Anil Kapoor feels winters and his heroins roamed around in rajai kambals.😂And point is that even Allah Duhai hai song Both women dancing in thin gowns and FUNNIEST one AK is wearing a 25 kg ka furrrrry coat.😆

5- Oooops I forgot to tell you that you are going to spoil your almost 1.30 Hours in vo agey vo peechey kind of chases only since start. Your head is like “bhai picture to shuru karo”.

6- And most majey ki baat they all know they are cheating with each other but still they are giggling and dancing every 10 minutes.

7- Songs? Which songs? Sorry only few but you will try to understand what they are singing actually?

8- And major thing the reason they did all

hard work is eloped in the last scene to do what they were supposed to do actually. Yes for a looooooong dessert chasing scene again. Waste your last 15-20 minutes in that.😂

Bakwaas movie wrapped in beautiful Abu Dhabi kind of chocolate. 🏆👍🏻

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