Navratiri’s super power booster recipes (Almond halva and Banana lassi) 

Each year during Navratris I try to find out new ways to control my weight but it never happens. My newest invention is that one should keep fasts but without loosing much energy. I keep fasts but not my all family. So I have started depending on fresh fruits and dry fruits based recipies rather than rarely available fasting foods like kuttu ka ata or sama ke rice. 

Today is first day of Navratri fast. I made Almond halva and banana lassi. 

Almond halva ~ 

1 Cup soaked n peeled almonds 

2 Cups full fat milk 

1 Cup sugar

1/2 Cup pure desi ghee

1 Tsp saffron

1 Tsp green cardamom powder

Method – 

1- Grind very well almonds and milk into thinnest possible paste.

2- Take heavy botton pan and add desi ghee into it. Keep the flame lowest. 

3- Add almonds milk paste into it and start stirring it . 

4- Add sugar, saffron and green cardamom powder too. 

5- This halva will take around 20-30 minutes to be prepared. When oil starts oozing oil it means it is ready. 

6- Only one mantra…stir stir stir! Till all halva start roaming in pan with your spoon or laddle. 

7- Close the flame and keep it in a bowl or little tray to cut into shapes. I prefer eating like this only. 


Banana n Cinnamon lassi ~ 

It is very tasty and addictive and gives you immediate boost of energy in the fasting. 

Ingredients –

1 Medium large banana

2 Cups of curd 

3- 1 Tsp or Tbsp cinnamon powder 

4- 1/4 Cup sugar 

Method – 

Blend all in a mix pot and chill it for some time in fridge.

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