Navratri Fasts – Cashew – Sago cutlets! 

It is a rich n nutty n very creamy  flavored cutlets recipe. If you are not making these for fasting than you can fill in mozarella cheese cube too for more tasty turnout.

In fasts it is filling and healthy recipe to get energy in one meal. 


1- 1 Cup sago (sabudana) washed n soaked in little water for 6-7 hours

2- 3 Cups boiled and grated potatoes

3-1 Cup powdered roasted cashews 

4- 1 Tbsp black pepper powder

5- 1/4 Cup finely chooped green chillies

6- 1/2 Cup green corriander leaves chopped

7- Salt according to taste 

8- Refind Oil for deep frying. 

9- Cashews n raisins for filling in

Method –

1- Drain sago if there is any water and squeeze tighly with fingers only.

2- Mix all very well into thick dough. 

3- Make small balls.Put one cashew n two raisins in between and close. Keep them in freezer for half hour.

4- Now in a deep pan heat refind oil to high and then lower the flame. 

5- One time put only 4 balls for frying.After two minutes turn opposite side.

6- Fry till little dark golden brown (as the picture)

7- Serve with tamarind chutney or green chutney. 

**** You can use peanuts also instead of cashews

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