Navratri Fasts – Adrak Paneer ki toot(ginger-cottage cheese fritters)

This is one of the most close to heart recipe to me. We were travelling from Noida to Aligarh several years back and on the way near to Bulandshaher my husband stopped for some snacks. He told the vendor that my wife is pregnant and fasting for Navratris so can he make something. He gave few of these pakodis in a plate and told him that he is also fasting and his wife made these for him. The taste was great and when I asked for recipe he called his wife on mobile to asked her. 

This recipe includes paneer, kuttu atta, alu and green chilllies. But major ingredients is ginger juice which turns this recipe into highly tasteful. The flavor n tendency is quite warm so better take it with curd. 

1- 2 Cups kuttu atta(buckwheat flour)

2- 2 Medium potatoes washed,peeled n chopped into small medium chunks

3-1 Cup fresh paneer (cottage cheese) chopped into small chunks

4- 4 Medium green chillies finely chopped

5- 1 Cup freshly grated ginger  juice

6- Sendha salt 

7- 2-3 Tbsp water

8- 2 Tbsp corriander powder

Method ~

1- Mix all very well into semi stiff battermix.

2- Fry little chunks of battermix in heated oil but on lowest flame to get crispiness.

3- Serve with curd raita mixed well with green chillies, black pepper and sendha salt according to your taste. 

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