Neem leaves – major benefits.

1- Near Dar Al salam mall there is a town ship with big trees of neem.
2- Just take the neem leaves and dry them, grind to the powder.
3- Neem leaves also very good for blood purification, weight reduction and skin diseases.
4- For bed bugs also you can use neem leaves powder. You need to sprinkle fresh neem leaves and powdered neem leaves under the bed mattress and in the corner of the beds.
5- Neem leaves powder mixed with simple
water to a paste can cure acne as well but you need to drink 1 cup of fresh neem leaves water boiled or grind them in to mixi that also early morning.
6- Neem leaves crushed and boiled in to water can cure foot fungus very quickly.
7- Fresh neem leaves paste mixed in chilled or warm water, soaking your feet in it can bring down sugar levels as well.But you need to do it regularly.
8- Leave bunch or big stick of Neem leaf in a bucket for few days. Keep taking bath from it Change the branch every 4-5 days. Your bathroom air will
be more healthy, you skin odor will be more fresh and no more skin allergies.
9- Neem leaves can give your silk clothes and woolen clothes a long life. Just keep some fresh neem leaves in the pouch made from newspapers or paper. Keep this pouch in the corner of the stack of clothes.
10- Neem leaves cure dandruff as well. You need a generous bowl of fresh neem leaves paste. Wash your hairs with water. Now rub this paste in your hairs and let it be there for 15-20 minutes. Now wash your hairs.

11- You can chew few fresh leaves of neem early morning with lukewarm water to keep your digestion and skin issues away. It is a very ancient trick from Yunani hakeems.

12- Giving yellow ripe sweet bitter fruits pulp of neem to toddlers is also very healthy for their teething issues. 3-4 Neem berries pulp is enough.

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