One bowl full of kitchen lessons for my daughter!

So it was a requirement of taking ingredients to the school for making anything in “cooking without fire”. My little daughter (9 years) looked at me. I suggested her that first we will try something at home. 

I asked her to do every single thing herself. 

1- She soaked the moong dal herself after few gentle washes. Put them into empty icecream box with littel water.Watched and washed them again for two days. Saw them growing up.

2- She washed n peeled potatoes. Chopped them into chunks and boiled them into microwave for 8-9 minutes on high. 

3- Same with corn. 

4- She chopped tomato, red onion,cilantro, and squeezed lemon too.

5- She mixed all things into a big bowl, mixed all very well and finally after sprinkling chat masala, realized that something is missing. 

6- I gave her few garlic cloves to crush n mix in along with that I deseeded one green chilli and finally aliced it into finest thin threads. Mixed them all into the salad. 

Now the salad was instant hit in our home than after few days in her class too. 

I asked my daughter about her experience in the salad making.

Her reply was eye opening. She told me that she learnt two things from salad making that spices are very important in the cooking because they create magical flavors. We can eat more tastefully our food if everything is tastefully made. And the second thing she learnt is, goid quality of food comes from hard work in the kutchen 

I thought I was guiding her throughout for a good salad recipe but she was learning all other important things too. 


This amazing bowl of salad is garlic passion salad.

Ingredients – (for 4-5 people) 

Moong sprouts – 3 Cups 

Sweet corn boiled – 1 Cup

Boiled, peeled n chunked potatoes – 2 Cups

Red onion (optional) finally chopped – 1 Cup

Red tomato – deseeded and chopped into tiny pcs – 1 Cup 

Cilantro or green corriander – finally chopped – 1/2 Cup

Chat masala – 2-3 Tbsp

1 Green chilli – Deseeded and finely chopped

Fresh lemon juice – 1/2 Cup

Two big garlic cloves peeled and crushed

Method – 

Mix all very well and keep the bowl into freezer for atleast one hour. 

Happy life!

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