One hour not enough – 6 solid mistakes we do for our kids coaching classes.

This article I started writing few months ago but I decided to give it a break. I wished to publish it at an appropriate time when parents are relaxed and can focus on what this article is about?

Lot many times we send our kids for extra help in some particular subjects or all subjects in one go. Though every teacher puts his best efforts to make his student learn, private coaching helps identifying the obstacles in learning as per his/her caliber.

Last year while on a summer vacations trip to India(Noida), I saw several housewives taking home tuitions for small kids with a similar slogan “all subjects”. And what they were offering was all subjects in one hour.

I was shocked and being a home based tutor myself I felt something in my heart for those parents who send their kids to these one hour wonder tutors.

Yesterday I got a panic call of a 8th grader South Indian girl for Hindi tuition. Within 1 Hour she wished to learn grammar portion for her annual exams due in one day. She was busy in Maths and Science tuition for the whole year. But no time for Hindi.

By checking her copies I came to know about her lame teacher too. Too many mistakes were deliberately ignored during the corrections. What to do? So it was basically not the girl’s fault. 95% of the blame must goes to her parents who never cared to check her school notebooks.

So here are the few points for how to take maximum out of your kids coaching classes if you really wish your paid money get proper good marks for your kid’s results.

1- Pay attention – Be responsible and check notebooks continuously from school teachers and coaching persons too. Keep calling and check on them that why? and hows? This will create a pressure on them that you are attentive.Hiring a private tutor help your child set up their own goals for academics. It is the guidance of a tutor which makes a student pursue and attain these goals.So keep checking with them about their routines.

2- Give time – Keep asking for extra time and if teacher is willing to teach in proper manner please let them. But if teacher promises all subjects in one hour please refrain such classes. Kids below 15 years take at least 15-20 minutes in atmosphere settling down. There are some children who are blessed with faster grasping power, but then there are few who takes a little more time to learn. That’s not a problem.

3- Home work – Coaching classes/home tuitions are for one to one teaching purposes. So if your kid is getting home work by tutor pay attention and ask him to complete it at any cost. The moment kid stops doing it your 80% money drains. Teachers can sense well that kid is just passing his time and parents are ignorant too.

4- Be practical – If the classes are for longer hour send your kid with something to munch or eat along with something to drink. Kids become restless after 1 hour they need a break and ask the teacher for it.

5- Exams time blunders – Stop backing off from the exam time and creating blunders by not sending your kid for the classes at the last moment just to save one month tuition fees. At that they need continuous revision with the habit of learning from the teacher they are used to. By not sending the kid for class means they will miss last moment guidance, tricks, revision and mental support from a person with whom they are well connected since so many months. They loose interest, get panicked and finally end up in loosing a big chunk of marks too. Because maximum teachers know where kids are weak and they keep quick repetition part for the last moment so that kids just learn n write it next day.

This creates panic and insecurity in the mind of kids as well as creates a misbalance for the tutors too who knows the state of mind of your kid but maintain their silence as they know that kid is going to suffer very badly in the exams because tutor is not around to give the last minute support.

6- Not paying on time – Money is nothing but everything. If tutor loose interest in teaching please do check if you are paying on time? And skipping the dues fees should be a big NO NO too. I remember that one my daughter’s school mate used to come for the tuition. Her half month fees was due and all of sudden she stopped coming. I didn’t asked for it too. But after two months section was changed and now my daughter and this girl were were in same section. Now imagine the insecurity in that little girl. She keeps ignoring my daughter and even if she is in high need of classroom notes she never ask us for. Why to create so much tension in a little kid’s mind by saving few bucks only?

7- Respect other’s schedule – Continuously asking to change the class schedules for lame reasons like family functions or extra curricular activities means you are not serious about your own kids studies as well you are not respecting the teachers time schedule too. They may change the classes initially but this can create blunders with their other kids schedules too who are not willing to join your kids in their timings. As well as you stop sending kids without informing in advance, teachers feel cheated and panicked in the same moment. Lot many times they don’t take other kids because your kid is there for the class and by informing the teacher in time about

I hope this will solve lot many issues in one go and you can take most our of the home based tutors/coaching classes.

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