One long shelf life super trick for your precious curry leaves!

After struggling for many years with oiling and greasing my curry leaves into ziplock pouches or freezing them into ice cubes with oil and butter, I had many rotten experiences. Which includes getting curry flavor in my butterscotch ice cream or greased freezer section.

But few months back my sister in law was going through my facebook food group ChatniSonth and she saw many people discussing this topic. She called me and told me a very easy trick.

The super trick is to put all curry leaves(please check that they are fully dried not wet) in a plastic container and put one table spoon of raw rice (any kind of) in it and close the lid. Now put this box in freezer section and for almost anytime ( she claims it can work for even 6-8 months). My box full of curry leaves is now serving me since 2 and half month. So happy me.

So basically whenever you need few curry leaves, open this box take leaves and keep the box back in freezer section. No there is no need to change the rice. If you are putting again fresh leaves than only change the rice.

Curry leaves are like second life line to me. My dhokla, poha, fried mango rice, cabbage thoran, sambhars and chutneys are all very lonely without curry leaves. I hope you can also try this trick and feel happy like me.

Happy cooking.

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