One small glass near the water dispenser!

Check this picture please. It is from Africa. A kid quenching his thirst through a dirty source of water. I saw this picture 6 years back and it took 3 days for me to realize that what is the real problem with us actually?

We are not ready to walk out of our own closet and check the realities of other’s life. I live in Doha Qatar. Where you can see “Bling” brand’s 1 ltr water bottles on normal supermarket’s shelves @187/- Qrs =3273/- Inr. YES!!!

But after watching this African kid’s picture I took a small but important step forward. I bought two small glasses to keep near my home’s water dispenser. No more water wastage. And gradually I started boiling tap water for cooking purposes to avoid using dispenser’s water.

But after few years I found myself writing a tweet to Indian ministers for sending water trains to Maharashtra’s water issues. My kids were watching TV news channels with horrified eyes that a big country is not able to provide water to it’s state itself at the earliest.

We have pocketful of money for Vijay Mallya and Neerav Modi but for providing water banks, creating a diversion link of diverted canals for floods water we have no money. Our government is ready to be coned by the goons and industrialists but when a simple NGO starts an initiative it is forced to do uncounted paper work.

We are getting less water and less humanity in the hearts too. But still there are people full of ideas to create an awareness for such a big issue is definitely worth a big applause. Kudos to #livpure people for creating such a powerful campaign for #cuttingwaterissue.

In home we can start and push this campaign further. We can help our Earth in saving its reservoirs and resources. Abhi nahi to kabhi nahi.🙏🏼

Please sign the petition too.

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2 thoughts on “One small glass near the water dispenser!

  1. Debjani Chaudhuri says:

    Thanks a ton Prachi, for writing this. I truly appreciate your efforts in saving water and boiling tap water for cooking. It’s high time the Govt works for clean water availability in remote villages. Even our city water gets contaminated with chemicals. Everybody must have safe drinking water. This African child’s picture is truly heartbreaking. The other day I saw a video of school children in Bihar, drinking water from a pond or something as there’s no drinking water 8n their school.

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