The world is not enough for me!

The World is Not Enough #SayYesToTheWorld

The life may be beyond galaxies and stars not only limited to our Earth but my world is so beautiful and too much to explore yet. I really wish to see it all in all.

We are continuously traveling since so many years. It started for me from Singapore, Oman, Malaysia, Thailand and many more countries…

Apart from the airport I feel

people are same. We are all same. The only thing is our physical

appearances but nothing in between is different.

We all are bound by a certain way of living but still we all are one. I saw clay made shades (terracota tiles-khaprels) in India, Srilanka, Singapore, Newzealand and even in Dubai/Oman/Qatar.

Our heritages are connected somewhere very well through several road and sea connections.

So for me traveling to several parts of the world is like touching my own soul parts lot many times.

In Thailand I was surprised to see so many temples. So many roads named after Lord Rama and his family members name. I really wish governments should encourage their citizens to travel more and meet each other more. We have only one life and so much to see around.

Whenever I step in a different country it starts amusing me and makes me immense happy to meet their citizens and the experience I get through their eyes.

We are all “Vasudev Kutumbkam”. One family as they said in ancient Sanskrit chantings. Yes world is very beautiful and not enough for me. I really wish to see it more.

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