Peethe ke aloo – From the Kayasth kitchens of Bareilly.

Special thanks to Mrs. Chhama Shrivastav (Bareilly). She is my childhood friend.

Peethe ke aloo is a hidden gem recipe from North Indians Kayaathas kitchens. You won’t be able to find this yum recipe any where else in India for sure.

If you feel making a dish from potatoes is a very easy task, this recipe is going to change your perspective for sure. I am scaring you a bit. Lols.

Let us start –


1 Cup white rice soaked for 2-3 hours

2 Medium sized red onions peeled and sliced

4-6 Big cloves of garlic peeled

Grind these all to a fine paste and keep aside.


8 Medium sized boiled potatoes unpeeled and mashed

1 Table spoon turmeric powder

4 Table spoons of dry coriander powder

2 Table spoons of red chili powder

Salt according to taste

1 Table spoon dry ginger powder

1/2 cup of green chilies and green coriander leaves


Take a big heavy bottom kadahi/pan, put 2 Cups of refind oil in it. Yes 2 cups.

Heat the pan on low flame, let oil get warm and hot.

In a big plate mash the potatoes and sprinkle all dry ingredients over them and sprinkle green chilies and coriander as well.

Now sprinkle that wet rice, onion and garlic mix paste over it too.


1- Take two table spoons of dry methidana (fenugreek) powder in the hot oil in pan. mix well for 1-2 minutes on low flame.

2- Pour the mashed potatoes with spices and rice paste in to the pan.

3- Take two spatulas in your hand and start mixing the potatoes in the pan.

4- Now here starts the best hard work. You need to mix and fry this potatoes mix for 10-15 minutes in the pan continuously on low flame.

5- After 15 minutes close the flame and lid.

6- Serve after 30 minutes .

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