8 Times Harry could have done a lot but…..

Harry is being criticized many ways by the social media and public for his wife’s narcissism and continuous open misbehavior. Looks like he is holding a bucket of fire crackers as a wife.

1- Background check – He is a young generation guy. He could have taken some background check up services on hire before getting married to Meghan Markle. Your country take a long time to provide visa and you got married to a porn actor with millions of nudes on internet? Are you serious. You dated Chelsea, you have such a graceful sister in law and you settled down for Meghan Markle a divorcee(second hand) person?

2- Why you wasted tax payers money for a dream wedding? Why you allowed tiara fight and kids fitting issues? You could have straight away told your fiancé that you can walk out of the wedding if she misbehaves with any single staff or family member. But you behaved like a dumb person all the time?

3- Your sister is getting married and your newly married wife is behaving like 9 months pregnant and you again allowed that cheap drama? Why Harry why? You could have been strict and advised Meghan to go slow, avoid media and not to push jackets behind as well.

4- Your wife is pushing jackets back to show off the baby bump. Videos surfacing one by one. Instead of scolding her tightly you are busy in forcing the palace to close such account on social media. Why?

5- You are moving out of England. Ok? Go! Why you are clicking pics in the jungles and sending them to media like paparazzi is attacking your wife? Even if she is asking you to do such things you could have said no.

6- We thought you will be working and earning and being busy. But no. You are in a rented home, playing with dirty chickens and crying for money from you daddy. Hell! What are you teaching to your kid? Become a royal beggar. Why can’t you work hard and make your own world?

7- You guys are vomiting and shitting on Oprah’s show to show your manners that UK tac payers are idiots who paid this much heavy money so that you both become so thankless one day?

8- 12-14 Lies were caught on Oprah’s show. Did you had courage to say sorry to the world? Why not?

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