Peppers @ The Grand Qatar Palace Hotel!

(The ancient art pcs in the lobby)

So it was a quick decision to visit this restaurant for the first time. We wished to check this property as a new place to have our regular vegetarian dinner.

Parking was bit problematic issue but the moment we entered the hotel we found that it is quite well managed place and “Peppers” the restaurant is located on 10th floor. Lifts were super cleaning and shining. Whole place is odor free. Very fresh.

A very decorative and super clean place indeed. Really looks like you are having dinner in a palace itself. They were quite busy with a birthday party(in same floor but another hall) & few executive dinners but they got us one table finally.May be because it was Sunday not a weekend busy day. They must be quite busy during the holidays.

No loud sounds no harsh music and it was one of the most wonderful dinner we had ever in Qatar.

Very happy heart staff and very effective service. They took their time to serve us fabulous vegetarian food.

We ordered Fatoush, kadahi paneer, salad, nanas n dessert mousse cake n pastry.

Great food and not oily at all. Perfectly made and amazingly balanced salt n spices. We were delighted to have that dessert which was mild sweet and vanilla flavor was so mesmerizing. Who can bake that kind of perfection now a days? I am still wondering.

Their washrooms are very highly maintained. Kudos for that part specially.

If you are looking for a new place to dine in. Please do give them a try. 👍🏻

This hotel is located behind Waqood petrol pump just adjoining to The Town hotel.

All the best to this hotel.

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