Ten easy ways hotels can earn and save a lot!

Yup, during our multiple countries trips we kept staying a lot at one particular business/luxury hotel chain only as due to its loads of amenities it became our most favorite one. I was quite happy and anxious to explore their properties but somehow I found that they are spending more than required amount in managing their business.

So here is an experienced traveller who is trying to tell you who are into a business handling luxurious properties.

1- Managing the pantry fridge – Those highly priced chocolate and chips are total useless. If you can keep 4-6 packs of Maggi or ready to eat noodles cups, trust me you can really sell. Nobody will leave the fridge empty.

2- Those useless white bathrooms – Make the tiles and floors in darker shades and your staff is less stressed on scrubbing and cleaning them. It will save you loads of man hours to do the job. Glossy and white tiles actually increases the shining work.

3- Food leftovers – Whatever is leftover on your free breakfast section, offer it to pack in boxes for these guests who are kids or place it at a table at reception.Those who need to check out and lot many times get ready hours before as well as those who are waiting to check in will get benefitted by this small gesture. You need not to throw fresh food in trash bins.

4- Learn Indian food recipes – Vegetable fried rice, vegetable fried noodles, grilled bread sandwiches with cheese, salad and boiled potato fillings, potatoes in tomato gravy, cumin fried rice(jeera rice) and sautéed potatoes with vegetables, lentil soups and semolina halwa(suji ka halwa) can save your 60-70% breakfast expenditures. Trust me. When people are busy in searching for long lasting and heavy food if they are tourists not business travelers, they will

appreciated veg fried rice with gravy things. I made one grilled cheese sandwich with loads of salad in it myself on a griddle and every second person was on chef’s head for it. They were not interested in the heaps of omelettes or pancakes. They were drooling over the sandwich in my plate. Being vegetarian it is my signature breakfast in all travels.

5- Always offer one extra night – People try to book hotel first as well as flights when they plan to travel a destination. If they are traveling for 4 days offer them that with 5 days you will get 1 days extra free. Ao if you are not busy n booked you can increase their travel plans for sure. We always take those offers and meanwhile you can offer better view room too that way. People always love generosity when they travel.

6- Bathroom messiness – Always keep one big thick rug or mat near the shower. Which is not slippery too. That way your room carpets are not wet, damaged and goes for long period. People actually make marks and room carpets because they use room carpets as mat. My own house is carpeted so I know the real pain.

7- Dry boards, Iron and iron boards – Keeping one in the room means your mattresses are more secure and less infected with bugs. Ok? People ruin the beds and chairs by spreading their extreme wet clothes there. So more you save your own property less money you will be spending in the maintenance.

8- Multi sockets – Always provide inbuilt multi sockets with minimum 10-12 charging points. That way people (guests) are not going to DEAL/EXPERIMENT with your electrical switches. Several times family of four travels with 4 phones, camera, Ipad and laptop. Count it. 7 Ok? Now you can imagine the plug fights happen in each room. During those fights all damages happens to your room’s plugs only. So try to keep the clashes low.

9- One extra bed/mattress – Never expect a family of four or five to take two rooms. Let them settle in one room only. If it suits their budget they will stay in your hotel only. Offer them one extra bed and one extra mattress. You will be surprised to see the traffic of bookings for your hotel. Do marketing too for this.

10- Complimentary dinner matters – If somebody is staying more than 3 days offer them complimentary dinner. This will increase their chance to book your hotel. Within 5-7 days of roaming in a destination people start feeling sick of market food. One free dinner will get you one family of four or five immediately. Even though you are offering free breakfast still one free dinner matters a lot to those who are traveling with kids.

My money saving tricks might look simple but in long run any hotel can save huge money by following them sincerely.

All the best for your business. Hope you get lot of bookings.

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