Prachi’s signature chicken curry! 

This is one of the best thing I can make in my kitchen. I love making it in my own style only. It is a mix of grilling,frying and boiling. Very rich n flavorful recipe. Please try. 🙏🏼

Ingredients and method – Step one 

1 Chicken – cleaned n chopped into small pcs.

2 Cup curd 

1/4 Cup fresh garlic paste  

2 Tbsp mix of salt – red chillies powder – turmeric powder – dry ginger powder

1/2 cup fresh lemon juice 

Method – 

1- In a big bowl mix curd and ginger garlic paste.

2- In another bowl mix chicken pieces and spices mix very well.

3- After 1 hour start grilling each pcs of chicken kn gas flame with help of thong(chimta).

4- Grill well and dip into garlic – curd mix immediately.

5- Prepare all chciken pcs this way and finally put all juice remaing too into chicken n curd mix.

Ingredients and method – Step two 

2 Cups (Yes yes two cups) desi ghee (butter oil)

Marinated chicken pcs

4 Big red (Indian) onions – peeled and sliced big chunks

4 Big tomatoes – washed and sliced into big chunks

8 Green chillies 

1 Cup paste of fresh ginger, fresh garlic and fresh green corriander

4 Whole red chillies

6-8 Green cardamoms seed powder 

Method – 

1- Heat one heavy bottom non stick pan and put desi ghee into it.

2- Heat desi ghee well. Fry onions very well till brown and take out from oil.

3- Fry tomatoes till they are well fried and softened. Take out them too.

4- Now deep fry chicken pcs into the remaining ghee by putting half qty in one go and take out all.

Do not put on tissue paper.

5- Now fry green cardamom seed powder and red chillies in this remaing ghee for few seconds.

6- Add green chillies alongwith ginger garlic green corriander paste and fry for 6-8 minutes on lowest flame.Add fried onions and tomatoes too. 

7- Grind these to fine paste. Now you have this paste and grilled chicken pcs.

Ingredients and method – Step three 

1 Tbsp cinnamon powder

1 Tbsp black cardamom powder

1 Tbsp cloves powder

1 Tbsp black pepper powder

4 Tbsp garam masala(whole spices powder)

Paste of 6 tbsp dry corriander powder,2 Tbsp turmeric powder,6 fresh garlic vloves crushed and 2 tbsp saunf powder(fennel seeds) with water

1 Cup thickest paste of cashews n milk  

1 Tbsp salt 

1/4 Cup desi ghee(bitter oil) 

1/4 Cup mustard oil

1/2 Cup rose water,1 Tsp saffron mixed well

Method – 

1- Heat mustard oil and desi ghee in a heavy bottom pan with lid.Pls avoid cooker.

2- Add all spices and mix well.Now add paste of dry corriander, turmeric, garlic and saunf to it and mix and fry it for 2-3 minutes.

3- After few seconds spluttering add onion tomatoes paste to it and fry well for two three minutes.

4- Now cashew and milk paste and mix well.

5- Fry for 3-4 minutes on lowest flame.

6- Add salt(check it according to your taste) and four cups boiling water to it.Sprinkle saffron and rose water over it.

7- Mix well and close the lid.

8- It will take only 10-15 minutes on lowest flame to cook it well. Close the flame.

9- Open the lid and give it good stir with laddle.

10- Serve with hot chapatis and steamed basmati rice. 

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