Raw rice therapy for hairs regrowth, nourishment and happy skin!

Since ages we always wondered the shining and well polished skin and hairs of Chinese people. Isn’t it?

After so much argument about their therapies I decided to give it a try too. That is also with one ingredient.

What all you need is rice. Any kind of rice just rice. I am using basmati rice for me since last two months. This is what we the north Indians consider as best rice to cook for our daily meals.

This is a very simple way to nourish your hairs and skin. Please follow my way and do not try any mix and match at all as I can not guarantee you of no side effects if you do so.

Wash very well and soak 1 cup of rice for one day/24 hours in 4-6 cups of water.

Now strain the rice water for your head wash and grind the rice too. Strain the paste twice, first for big grains and after than one more time for smallest particles. Because while washing the hair they can slip into the ears.

Apply this rice water in head very well and rice paste on your face.

Get busy in some work for 30 minutes or 45 minutes. You will feel tightened skin. Wash your face with cold water. Not warm water to be used.

Now put some cotton in your ears tightly. Start washing your hairs, mix rice water with rice paste and use all that into your hairs and rub very well. Keep it there for 5-10 minutes and wash well.Apply some hair conditioner too after that so that even tiniest rice particles washed down.

But try not to wash your hairs with too hot water as rice can be cooked n become sticky. Just lukewarm water is good.

I wash my hairs first day with shampoo and next day I do this rice therapy!

You can do it once in a week. Rice water is very good for hairs nourishment and regrowing. You will be surprised after one month.

I use basmati rice and you can use any kind of rice. No issues. I have no idea if any other kind of rice. Just do not mix in any other thing for god-sake.

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