5 Mind blowing hacks for spending less in the shopping malls.

This article comes from me an ardent shopoholic who felled prey for multiple

marketing and sale techniques. Now I started counting the tricks and started saving a lot during my trips to any mall.

Trust me lot many times my visits to big shopping malls are less than 30 US$ or 100 Qrs including the taxi fare and I come home super happy too.

Follow my tricks to feel full and happy after each mall visit without spending a fortune.

1- Feel full ~ If you are alone or with family try your best to get nourished well before stepping out. It helps very great way to reduce the hunger, anxieties and getting lured for excessive shopping. Well fed, calm minds stay much more back from useless buying. Try a bowl of soup or any snack munching before heading off to mall.

2- Look rich ~ Do you know some high brands teach their employees to entertain and force middle class customers with disgusting glares so that they buy to prove themselves rich. So try to wear best clothes with well groomed body. Once you are looking well presented nobody can give you ideas to shop

more. Sometimes one good wrist watch also gives your complete outlook to these cunning sales persons that you are not under compulsion to buy.

3- Less cash no card ~ World is not ending today. Always remember that. If you really liked something in a shop, you can always give your credentials to the shop manager to reserve the thing for you rather than buying it on the spot. Same with food. Carry one approx amount of your budget to buy the food. So not get lured by some great ice cream or grilled kebabs. Just stay on your budget.

4- Look for the faces ~The moment you enter the malls or shops start searching if any known one is around? This will distract you from looking at heavy shopping bags of others which actually force you to buy too. Look for most happy face, most cute face and most loving face. Indulge yourself with humans around rather than their money splurging.

5- Click pictures ~I sell Indian ethnic bag s and lot many of my customers click a lot of pics with great interest to show that they are really coming back for that one particular bag which they never do. But I love this way as this keep them away from lot of useless shopping is a great market full of amazing handicrafts from all over the world.

I hope you all try above few tricks and save a lot. So next time you go out just read my article one more time.

All the best.

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