Reselling business – 10 starting points to ponder! 

Reselling is a great business and if you are part of few local reseller groups you can feel like every second person is selling something. 

There is a flood(Psunami) in the market of sucb reseller persons who selling loads of clothes, shoes, jewellery or any thing on this Earth. 

You need to know about shipping charges, maintaining cost plus profit balance and keeping a big chunk aside to order next order too. Maitaining accounts since starts in a computer or ledger is a must. Every single penny is to be counted.   

But before you start or jump into this ocean of big mess please check this below mentioned points for one moment atleast. 

1- You are not going to eat a big tasty pastry by opening own reselling business. You are about invest your time n money in dealing with cheaters or abusers or happy heart or big heart or thief or irritating customers. So be prepare to ignore all kind of abuses or madness. 

2- Money first and no matter how close is person just ask for money first. Lot many people assure you they will buy but may be you will end up in heaps of unpicked n unpaid orders.So as I told you “money first”.

3- Order small quantities only. No matter how big customer listbis but make sure what you can really sell in real. Order again but no use of that big order which you can not sell later. One moment few items sell like hot cakes but second moment nobody is interested at all. 

4- Keep a tap on social media and personal connections. Keep making new customers. You can not sell all stuff to one person only that too again n again.

5- Maintain data base of customers. Keep in touch by once in a while good well beknb messages.  Mouth publicity is best thing for home based reselling business.

6- Keep taking part in local bazaars or fairs or exhibitions. You can meet lot many stranger but good customers for no media marketing expences . 

7- Maintain home n business hours strictly. No compromise with such things just for the sake of money. Family comes always first. Set your priorities. 

8- Quality control is very important. Buyers will be irritated if they see something n get something else. It creates a bad name too.

9- Keep clearing the unsold stuff hand to hand. Don’t wait at all. 

10- Last most important point. Always be respectful to your customer. Never try to prove yourself right for small matters. Stay firm but not abusive or aggressive.  

Happy selling🌸🙋🏼🌸

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