Sheer Khurma – A bowl full of confidence from a neighbor! 

Sheer khurma – we used to call it sevai in Aligarh. Scented with imported rose petals and used to come from my first husband’s reputed client homes always.
But as a remarried widow I was discarded from society as they felt it was a wrong decision of getting remarried for my second husband. So being his second wife me n my two little toddler kiddos were totally shunned by society (so called very well educated). I was shocked n hurt but helpless in a foreign country. 

Than one blessed day Eid evening somebody knocked upon our door on that hot n humid evening due to close proximity of ocean to my home. We were surprised to see our upstairs neighbor Mrs. Shahnaz with a bowl full of Sheer Khurma, smiling she started chatting and suddenly my three kids (including my younger stepson) we were so happy to see somebody talking n greeting us in Qatar.

That Eid evening was best festival in my life till date. I remember that gentle neighbor’s kind gesture as life giving moment.We were so lonely. Something becomes a memorable memory for all the time. So I asked my neighbor for the recipe and she told me happily. 

Let us celebrate Eid with this amazing n delicious recipe –


1 Ltr whole milk
4 Cups thin sevai

1 Tin condensed milk

1/2 cup Desi ghee(pure butter oil)

1 Cup sugar 

4 Tbsp sugar (yes more n separate)

1/2 Cup chopped dates

1 Cup chopped cashews, pistachio & green sweet raisins-Kishmish (chop resins too)

1 Tsp saffron

1 Tbsp green cardamom powder

1- In a heavy bottom pan heat all desi ghee and add dry fruits. Fry for 1-2 minutes. Add chopped dates. Fry little. Take out all. 
2- Now in that desi ghee fry sevai till little brown and take it all out. 
3- Add milk and boil it for 5-6 minutes on high. Now lower the flame. Add condensed milk and saffron to this milk. 
4- Boil this milk for 5-6 minutes at low flame and add dates n dry fruits, 1 cup sugar and sevai. 
5- Mix it all very well. 
6- In a separate small pan or tava add sugar n green cardamom powder. Make light gold brown caramel of it and pour immediately into sevai mix.Mix well and keep boiling.
7- Close the flame after 3-4 minutes boiling. 
Garnish with dry fruits or rose petals or kevra water for more flavor. 



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