School thefts – 5 hacks to stop the nuisance!

My daughter lost her new geometry box in the school the day her Maths exam was over.Later on I found that lot many other kids faced same problem. So basically some smart kids waited for their classmates to bring finest ones it.Right? 

Pencil boxes, pens, rubbers, sharpeners, water bottles and lot many tiny gadget elope in school bags uselessly. We hardly take care of talk about. But you know what? 7% of a typical home budget per annum we loose in these tiny things only.

Please try these tricks if you are also sick of your kiddos things getting eloped at school.

1- Get a long string bag or waist bag – Let your kiddos carry their precious stationary n money in it. When things will remain with them forever they will hardly loose it ever. Ask them to never take it out too.

2- Expensive blazers, belts, caps or school uniform things – If school blazers are getting lost, try to get same color embroidery on the outer seams. Let it be visible. Try to get a same color thread embroidery on the main buttons row where nobody can remove it. For small kids woolen caps pin it on neck side with blazer. Same with hankies and belts. Pin it.

3- School notebooks/books – Ask your kid to count the books while going to school and to count before stepping out of the class for home. If anything is missing let him shout,cry and complain and create a scene. Ask him to cry aloud and let him force teacher to check all kids bags. It happens mainly in exams/weekly tests days mostly. Lot many lazy kids steal these instead of completing their works. And it is truth that some parents encourage them to do so.

4- School management – If you witness or hear lot many things are simultaneously getting stolen, make a group and take the matter to the parents coordinator, Head mistress and finally to the Principal. Request them to announce strict actions in the school assemblies for such thefts, let them do cctv surveillance on regular basis and checking of bags at main gate too. It is not easy task but few times if the follow the practice it will create fear in kids to steal things from others.

5- Random checks – Keep checking your own kids bag too. Ask him and confirm it if you see any thing not given by you in their bags. If you do it 2-3 times they will think before bringing any thing from school to home. Stand at door and check their bags on the spot. Instead of letting them take bags to the rooms.

Stealing things is kind of cheap thrills for some kids, lot many are not getting things at home, some kids wish to get best things in free and lot many get inspiration from own parents. So we need to tackle these scenes with smartness and respectfully. 

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