Simplicity is best party policy.

I decided it two days prior only. Celebrating Kutkut’s birthday with my home tuition kiddos.

Cake n pizza we decided for. But later on I added matar kebabs to the menu too. Loved by my family so much that I was confident about their success with others too.

We bought cake, ordered pizza and dough for matar kebabs was set. Cold drinks were in fridge.

I made around 128 tiny matar tikkis, ordered two large pizza and three cold drink bottles.

Some balloons were added to the walls too.

Kids arrived, studied, celebrated cake cutting and party, studied and left with return gifts.

It was total 8 persons party including me. Everybody was very happy and satisfied.

I loved cleaning later with little trash as I used disposable plates for cake distribution and rest I used crockery.

I loved it.❤️ #simplepartyideasrock #simplepartyideas #homebirthdays

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