Growing up gracefully with teenager kids.

Our kids follow us. Consciously or unconsciously. We are always on their mind. They may or may not admit but they do unknowingly whatever is our routine in daily life.

They recall what steps we took or what ways we walked upon in certain situations. So we need to set examples by growing up gracefully so that they can tell their own kids “I learnt it from my mother or father.

Meals ~ Personally I have no restrictions on food. I eat for my betterment and being healthy. My morning time is like what ever is good it is in my plate. Soda, ice creams, fruits, breads, eggs and chocolates/toffees. Whatever it is there in home, is in my breakfast menu. Morning walks, making lunchboxes and home cleaning and gardening goes side by side. I like green garden and clean house before I start my afternoon naps.

Sleep ~ Night sleep is never enough for me. So lot many times I start my sleep routine as fast as I complete my housework. 8 am to 2 pm I sleep lot many times. I do prepare lunch before I head off to bed.

Skin n hair care ~ I heavily depend on Oriflame products. Creams, serums, soaps, oils and health supplements. Cleanser is always from Avon. Shampoos/conditioners I use from Dove or Himalaya only as having extra long hairs I need to use mildest ones.

Dieting ~ I work a lot in a palatial big house so if I am awake I am cleaning and taking care of it. I take home tuitions and sell Indian bags as well. So my eating routine is lot many time very controlled. I am always walking and talking in the evening and often dinner meal is one chapati with veggie. I am maintaining myself by eating less after noon time. It works for me.

Train the brain ~ I like to read a lot, learn a lot and write a lot. I have passion for knowledge and keeping an eye for whatever is latest happening around. I am not into money at all. I take it as a tool for good life. Nothing else. It is actually nothing more than that too.But yes I do believe in savings.

Shopping ~ Works like a therapy for me. I love shopping but sensibly. I can shop whole day but if it is for kitchen. Otherwise I am going very less for clothes and shoes shopping since last 5-6 years for myself. I have enough clothes and shoes go long way if you take good care of them.

Money ~ I keep investing in SIP plans monthly basis and take a note of what is happening in bags business. Money was never my priority and a big bank balance never mattered to me. I live life one day at a time. Never had passion to bring money for self expenditure from others pockets. I believe in my own money self earned. Always. Never felt like giving accountability for money from others. If I am earning it, I have full right to spend it too.

Talks ~ Although I keep hearing gossips about others and from others for me but I love living my own life in my own terms.This is how I want my kids to be in their future. Using bad words for others uselessly, or teaching own kids to use others for some benefits was never in my books. My both kids never asked anybody for a single thing in life. This is how we all should raise our kids. Without expectations! Isn’t it?

Each thing related to our personality, behavior and mindset is setting the examples for our own kids every single moment. So as a parent we need to grow up gracefully and sensibly.

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