Thai sticky mango rice pudding.

Although mango is a summer fruit but somehow this sticky mango rice pudding tastes great in winters only.

Please do try this recipe if you can get a big sweet n single single mango in winters to satisfy your mangoes loving taste buds.

We had it several times in Phuket at several street vendors and hotels but I felt that home made one is the best. It is one of the best puddings and very addictive.

Ingredients ~ (Serves 4-6 persons)

1 Big sweet ripe mango’s pulp.Approx 2 cups

1 Cup very good quality basmati rice (I took Tilda) soaked for 3-4 hours

1/4 Cup condensed milk

2 Cups full fat milk

1 Cup thick coconut milk or coconut cream

2 Tbsp corn flour

2 Tbsp Mango essence

1/2 Cup powdered sugar

1 Bunch of pandan leaves or 1 vanila pod


1- Wash, rinse and strain very well presoaked rice. Now mix it with 2 cups of milk in a big microwave bowl. So that it won’t spill out of the bowl during cooking preparations.

2- Keep it on high for 8 minutes.

3- Mix one cup remaining milk with coconut milk/cream and add scrapped vanilla pod to it and boil very well. Mix well cornflour with 6 tbsps water and add to this milk mix.If you are adding pandan leaves than boil them in milk first for 4-5 minutes to get the flavor.

4- Now add this sticky n gooey milk to the rice and heat again for 5-6 minutes.

5- Let it cool down. You can keep the bowl in the fridge too for 2 hours.

6- Take out the bowl. Grind half rice in a blender and mix with rest of the rice. Now mix in mango essence along-with powdered sugar & mango pulp. Mix very well. Cool it again for 1 hour and serve it.

Note – If you feel color is not enough yellow please add 1-2 yellow food color drops to the rice while cooking it in the microwave.

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