Quick almond fudge(barfi/halva).

Winter means loads of almonds and other dry fruits based recipes for me. They keep my kiddos full of energy and good proteins. Although I give them in moderated servings only.

So this quick almond fudge (barfi/halva) is basically microwave recipe. You can save loads of time of stirring with this recipe and somehow you will get more flavor of almonds in this way(I felt).

Ingredients –

2 Cups full of Almonds (I took pre skin peeled white ones)

2 Cups of full fat milk

1 Tin condensed milk

1 Tin evaporated milk

1 Cup sugar

6 Tbsp desi ghee(butter oil) (best quality)

1/4 Tsp saffron strands good quality

2 Tbsp green cardamom powder

4 Tsps kevda water/rose water

Method –

1- Soak almonds over night in lukewarm water.

2- In the morning wash them well (peel if they are not pre peeled).

3- Grind them with 2 cups of full fat milk into finest paste possible.

4- Now add all things to this almond paste and mix very well in a big microwavable bowl.

5- Now the trick. Grease all corners of this bowl very well so that paste not get spilled out.

6- Now keep this bowl into microwave on high for 8 minutes.

7- Take out and stir well. After 5-6 rounds it will be done.

8- Spread in greased tray, let it cool and keep in fridge immediately. After 2 hour cut into slices.

9- You can store it like halva also.

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