That life saving brunch.

First husband was a die heart non vegetarian. After his unexpected demise I was remarried to a strictly vegetarian husband. It was initially a great abusive marriage with loads of pressure from two teenager and adult sons, continuos comparision to his first wife, continuous humiliation(high mental torture) by his first wife’s aged n idiot n vulture friends.

As well as regular beatings by my second husband(resulted in several deep injuries and fracture in finger)…. I was pressurized to do a job so that can take of own two toddlers…. I was in solace of a counsellor secretly. She heard my trauma over phone. She decided that I am going to meet her at her home over a brunch. It was chicken curry, biryani and custard. I denied her but she insisted that it will somehow help me.

I ate it and cried for 2 hours in her living room. I was mourning, feeling happy, satisfied and that day I felt that pain never goes… we need to cover it with happy feelings. Pain remains. Spouse’s memories remain intact and life must go on with responsibilties.

Because of that one lunch I survived. I was damn suicidal and planned about it as well. The counsellor left for good from Qatar but she was a god send help.

She told me several years later that the day I called her first before that many days she saw a fat, short dusky complexioned person paying for her groceries. I sent her picture and she said yes he looked like my husband. That is why asked me to eat. Somebodyw as guiding her to help me.

This universe is mystirious. 

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