That maturity in family meal plannings.

My mother starts thinking about lunch when she is still in kitchen for making breakfast. And when she prepares lunch, she creates plan for dinner.

We were never hungry for snacks or were dependent for bringing or going out for food.Never ever.

Since three days I have started following her kitchen routines and I am surprised to see the change in my kids. They are less finicky and more focused in studies.

Asking “kya banaaun(what shall I prepare)? is kind of big mistake if you have all idea about your family’s taste and routine.Just keep making things in advance and make one snack kind of thing everyday i.e. dhokla, halwa, sevayin or poha.

We buy our all week’s veggies and fruits one day. So for me it looks pretty easier to make food in advance and serve it quickly. Really wonder why I never followed this ever.

But now I do have plans to stick to this regime everyday.👍🏻

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