The 10 elements to have a healthy company culture.

Many elements are necessary to keep your company culture healthy.

1- Passion for work in each employee.

2- Patience for listening to others.

3- No politics – discouraging back biters continuously really helps.And ignoring and abusing people publicly can create many troubles in one go.

4- Eating together. This works magically. How? No idea! But YES it works.

5- Uniforms – Yes this helps big way. People focus more on work instead of being superior or inferior in comparison to others. General clothes are cause of distraction and useless competition.

6- Small unexpected allowances or food packs or snacks or cakes.

7- Celebrations for small successes. People love partying. Keep it simple but keep doing it on regular basis. Send them back to home in happy moods.

8- Freebies once or twice a month. Everybody loves them by heart.

9- Be like a family. Keep them united and involve everybody in each big up and down. If it is a loss, gather them and discuss it. If it is a big success, share with them as well. Tell them that this is because of them.

10- Regular increments. They feel secure, stable and appreciated.

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