The dumbest culture.

We are dumbest civilization being Indians. We have a country full of snake charmers and magicians.

We don’t permit our girls to drink and drive at the age of 15-16 years and get abused by boyfriends at parties. We believe in pressurizing our girls to get a great educational degree, job or getting married as early as possible.

We are such idiots that if our girl complains of any sexual misbehavior, our boys go out with hockey to treat the abuser immediately. And lot many times we report the incident to the police too.

We are just low educated that if a person gets remarried or divorces his wife we start abusing him so high that other husbands in circle never even thinks of doing that kind of thing ever.

We always think first that “Oh God! what society will say or think of me?”.

We are just Indians with basic social structure where males are not allowed to have multiple marriages, 15-16 kids from different women or girlfriends. We have something like rural infrastructure of joint or semi joint families where girls are protected and guided through out the life by mother- father, brothers,husbands and husband’s family. Always.

Yes rapes do happen but now as we have strict laws too for that. We never let go a rapist free because he got mental behavior issues or needs a therapy.

How dumb we are actually? Why we are not allowing our daughters to go out, get drunk in school parties, get drunk for abuses and not reporting to authorities immediately? Silly thing actually.

We shall be modern now to do all those things common in so called developed countries. Isn’t it?

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