The eloping art of gifting.

Art of gifting : (Not all can understand this art) This pure silk scarf is from my youngest Buaji. She bought it for me in the year 2000 from UK. It was preserved between muslin clothes and paper sheets in my Aligarh home. This time I bought it to use sometimes. I learnt this art of gifting from my Buaji and mother only. Both ladies are ardent fan of “sabkey liye kuch le lo”. Wherever they go. Being a wife of aeronautical engineer who was working with Indian Airlines, my Buaji used to travel a lot throughout the world and we all kids used to get loads of gifts. I too started believing in gifting a-lot. It makes us proud, happy and satisfied in soul. Keep buying and gifting.Great way of being human.🙏🏼🌟🙏🏼🍬🍫🎁🛍 #shoppingandgifting #gifts

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