The perfect crispy Indian samosa making hacks ! 

If you can trust me than please do it as I can take oath on anything to tell that it took almost a decade to get to know the real samosa making tricks or hacks.
Several failures and finally successes proved that I am master of the samosa making trade now. 

So here are the five tricks you can follow to make that perfect market type samosa in home.

1- Flour mixing – It needs few pinches pinches of baking Soda and oil/ ghee to knead in the making of covering dough of samosa along with warm water.

2- Filling – All you need for filling is just boiled potatoes mashed and fried in desi ghee or refund oil with boiled peas, jeera, heeng, salt, dhaniya powder, green chilies chopped and amchoor. You can also add tiny pcs of paneer, kishmish and kajus. But avoid doing it.

3- Standing time- Make samosas in advance. That means 20 minutes prior to deep frying.

4- Fresh oil – Whenever you make samosas please try to use fresh oil. It retains the filling’s flavor as well as covering also turns out in lovely brown color.

5- Twice deep frying at lowest flame – Do you know that you need to fry samosas two times? First try them slight brown than put all samosas together and let them get fried well on the lowest flame for at least 7-8 minutes to get crispy n little more brown color.

All the best! 

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