Wanna try smoothie of tulsi and avocado? 

Being lonely without anybody around once they all leave for office and school is not very encouraging here in Qatar. 

You are either sleeping or spending money on useless things. All the time.

My morning breakfast is always some candies, cold drink or munchies. Yes, I m one of those few aliens on Earth who are not ready to cook for themselves.

But yes in a week I make smoothie of avocado for me. Few months back I started adding fresh tulsi leaves in smoothies. I am more awake and less depressed now a days. Tulsi leaves fragrance works very well with avocado.It gives a very pleasant flavor. 

I recently heard on Pinterest that tulsi actually improves the concentration power too. 

Please try if you are looking for a good flavored and healthy smoothie. 

Ingredients – (makes two large glasses of smoothie)

1 Big n ripe avocado (deseeded and pulp taken out)

2 Cups fresh curd

1/2 Cup honey

3-4 Cups of fresh tulsi leaves

1 Cup drinking water

Method – (bit tricky)

1- First put curd and honey in blender followed by tulsi leaves and finally avocado pulp with water. 

2- Blend all very well. 

It is very creamy and tasty always. 

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