This Diwali say Yes to homemade and No to readymade sweets. 

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Recently in my India trip I realized that taste of sweets from market is getting more expensive and adulterated day by day. In the name of purity even high brands of sweets are actually using adulterated material like fake desi ghee and food flavors. No wonders because population is too much and to fill the gap of demand and supply they need to fill the gap with adulterated material so that they can earn more n more. So this festive season wherever your are please stay safe and try to make sweets at home so that you can avoid stomach troubles. 

You know what? I spent my early childhood in the army cantonments eating mother’s made sweets on all festivals and I still remember that excitement of sweets making arrangements and fragrances of them in whole house. May be we are less connected to the festivals now a days because everything we are buying is truly ready-made and for few moments only.
Making sweets at home is not a very big deal actually. With few steps taken carefully you can make lots of variety at home only as several top top chefs and food bloggers are there to help you with their trusted and tried recipes and videos online.Just watch the video again and again than arrange the ingredients and follow the steps carefully.

Come let us try some such happy and easy recipes.

1- Bundi laddus – If you can trust let me tell you it is one of the most easiest recipes I have seen on the you tube.You can try two Chefs recipes 1- Amruth Babu video on youtube and the other one is Yaman Agarwal of Both are young and energetic chefs and tells everything with great easiness.

2- Kaju katli/barfi/katri- Kaju katli is very rich and amazing recipe.It is all about ingredients measurement and perfection of syrup strings as they tell in their recipe.You will be having multiple choices in videos.What I suggest is to watch atleast two three videos and follow the easiest one.I follow Nishamadhulika’s video but other videos are also good to make.One of my friend added little cinnamon last year to her recipe and it was great taste changer.So you can try adding little coco powder or bournvita or horlicks too to get little different flavor.

3- Besan ladoos – One of the very less ingredients are required for this.It is really amazing that when you go for home made sweets you can get so many recipes with very less ingredients required.This is one of them.Latest one of my friend Anushruti RK uploaded her recipe on Rajshri food Channel of Besan ladoos.Pls do watch it.It is one of the most perfect recipe of making Besan ladoos at home.What I love about Besan ladoos making is that when you make it all of your house and neighborhood gets fragrant with its wonderful aroma.

4- Gulab Jamun – Gulab jamuns are all time favorite of kids and adults. they require little concentration while making and very easy to make. Infact if you follow Manjulas ktichen recipe you can make them with milk powder n butter too. Very easy and quick to make.

5- Balushahi /Badusha – Very tasty crispy and great sweet.Those who have great taste in sweets know the value of perfect Balushahi. Try watching Amruth Babu’s Badusha recipe and you will smile to find that how easy this is actually to make.This Diwali it is one of the thing I m going to try.last year I made them little qty but this year I m going to make them little more.

6- Eggless Chocolate Cake – It is festival season and you can use eggs etc in sweets so why not a juicy and great eggless chocolate cake? Try Madhura’s recipe on youtube of making eggless cakes in microwave oven and yes to give it more taste just melt few Cadbury’s chocolates mixed in with butter and whipping cream and layer it with to get greatest chocolate cake you ever had.

7- Mangalore Banana Buns – If you have immense respect and love for Bananas in heart than please please please make them.try making them.I can eat them 24 hours 12 months 365 days a year.I love making them.Almost on every festival I make them and make myself very happy.They are super easy to make and you will get the perfect idea from videos too.But mine ones are only mix of flour banana ghee water and cardamom powder.

8- Coconut barfi/katri – I put this sweet at 8th number because it almost impossible to control myself.I can eat it while sleeping too.One of my most favorite barfi to make and eat round the year. It is very simple if you just mix it with warm Milkmaid and little more efforts required if making in sugar syrup for better texture and crispiness.I make it with sugar syrup only. Please don’t mix too much things or dry fruits in it.Let the sugar and coconut do the magic alone.

9- Kala Jam – It is like gulab jamun but it is different.It is actually a mix of khova and paneer. For best outcome please follow the recipe of Sanjeev Kapoor’s youtube video. After several attempts I found that recipe very perfect. It can be served with Vanilla Ice cream or kheer too.

10- Cinnamon Churros – Try something different this Diwali.If you are alone or less people to celebrate and have no wish to do much than try this European treat. Churros are very easy to make and you will get flavors of Diwali too in few minutes. Just follow’s video on amazing and gives a better flavor if you add little cardamom powder in the rolling sugar.

Be safe be happy and spread the light of care around this festive season.

Happy Eating!

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