Til waley malai laddu.

Basically this is a big rescue recipe who are not having any access to fresh khoya or paneer like in India.

It is Makar Sankranti today and I was missing terribly the days when I used to make khoya til ke laddus on this auspicious day. 

So with a little twist to mali laddu recipe I made these very easy to make Til malai ke laddus. They are highly addictive so I made them in a big batch as being quite nutritious I can pack one laddu in kiddos lunch boxes too.

Ingredients ~ 

1 Cup Sugar

1 Cup white til (seasame seeds)

6 Tbsp desi ghee(clarified butter oil)

4 Cups of frozen paneer(cottage cheese unsalted)

(Thawed well and softened)

(I took Kohinoot brand)

1 Tin condesend milk 

1/2 Cup full fat milk at room temperature

3-4 Tbsps of green cardamom powder

2 Tbsps of Kevra essence

1 Tsp saffron mixed with water


1- Roast til on lowest flame in a non sticky pan til lightly brown.Keep stirring and flapping continuosly otherwise they might burn.

2- Let them cool down  properly.

3- Grind these with all 1 cup sugar to fine powder.

4- In a big mixi pot put paneer, til n sugar powder, condensed milk, green cardamom powder, kevda essence and milk. Grind it to the fine paste. 

5- Take a big non sticky pan and heat 6 tbsps of desi ghee(clarified butter).

6- Warm it little till melted and pour in all batter from the mixi pot.

7- Now with a silicon spatula start stirring it continuosly on the lowest flame. 

8- Initially it may look titing job but just after 3-4 minutes continuos stirring it will start leaving the corner.

9- The moment it becomes like you are flapping and it is not changing the shape trun the heat off. 

10- Cool it for 10-15 minutes, grease your palms and make laddus.

11- Put little dots of kesar (saffron) water. 



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