Orange passports a great initiative by Indian government.

Great idea indeed from the government. Kudos to Indian government who is following a great path to resolve the labor issues in abroad regions. 

It is easy to oppose but quite difficult to understand.

If you are comparing uneducated high profile politicians with skilled but less educated workers that means you are not ready to discuss the PRACTICAL issues in the very first place. This orange passport is not about discrimination at all. It is a hand of help extended by government to those who are facing legal and monetary challenegs abroad like house helps harassment  and fake job agents.

1- This will stop harassment of custom officials and Embassy officials who quietly go for bribes etc in face of giving them extra help.

2- It will help them to stand under strict scanners where special cameras will
monitor them and catch any bribe asking officials too.

3- It will help regular family commuters with small kids to clear the immigration counters faster too. If you are a regular traveller with family to these regions, can understand what I am pointing out.

4- If a group of 20-40 people is traveling to certain country as a group employment they can go through a special counter designated for them. Lot many of them traveled day and night from remote areas so they will be immediately relieved from immigration hassles and can take rest at the airport.

5- Government can arrange special facilities for those having orange passports and not much educated. They may be in process of providing on time help to those who are unable to do the airport forms hassles being not much educated and keep troubling regular travelers by asking to fill the forms for 12-14 persons in one go.

6- Same in Indian embassies in these countries.Embassy officials face a big crowd every morning to solve emotional, financial, health related issues of these workers and normal crowd get mingled with them to face multiple hours waiting at inquiry counters. Orange passport means they will having more designated counters.

7- Opposing anything is fine but being a social worker in a gulf country myself know that how much troubles our foreign ministry is facing everyday from those guys who relocate to a different country at own terms in the greed of earning millions but when they face problems they start abusing government for all issues. Like you are ready to work for 35000 per month without knowing the actual cost of living in a certain country but after reaching you come to know it is approx 25000 per month and you will save only 10000 per month so if you think you will save 30000 you start abusing government who has nothing to do with your own decision actually.

8- This will protect girls, women and men from human trafficking and scandals too. Orange means their employer is going to be more answerable for their agreements at the immigration counters. 

9- Orange passport means person needs little more help. in foreign countries rules are more strict and punishments are more quick n harsh rather then Indian system. Having orange passport means those governments will handle the issues in a designated manner with the Indian embassy that person is jnder educated, less aware of his own rights and can not be treated inhumanly at all.

So having orange passport means government can organize some helping and counseling camps for those to be migrated hard workers but facing issues.

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