Tips! Before planning a trip to Sikkim.

Photo credits – Mr. Dennis Jarvis

K E E P S I K K I M C L E A N!

1- Road conditions for higher tourist places are not good and it seems they did it on purpose.Why? No idea!

2- My friend and her husband got permission because they had a very good SUV. Mahindra or Jeep.

3- Sikkim is best place to travel if you have great SUV. But cooperate with local
authorities. They are also sick of people who take their old cars with rotten old engines and later create traffic chaos or breakdowns for them to help.

4- If they have certain rules, they do have reasons for it.

5- Keep their state clean. Keep your garbage in car, use dustbins and follow local guidelines.

6- Do not click pictures of their females without asking. They might feel offended and curse you high.

7- Do not pressurize their eateries to cook some thing over spicy like ghar ka khana type. What they have enjoy. Their food is one of the best organic one in India.

8- Last and least, avoid discussing politics with vendors. They are not interested.

9- Mobile won’t do much to the real magnificent beauty of Sikkim. Take a very good quality camera with you for sure.

10- Ask each person to click their own photos. (Must). Lot many times they click amazing unexpected pics. Sikkim is amazingly beautiful.

K E E P S I K K I M C L E A N!

11- Keep your maximum government id’s photocopies in good number. Authorities might ask you for a copy at many places.

12- Take only prescribed medicines with authorized medicine practitioners . So that if you need them, you can get.

Se Sikkim! Good luck!

K E E P S I K K I M C L E A N!

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