Top twenty tips to be a proven sales person.

1- Being content. 

2- Good in social media stalking and snooping. 

3- Damn miser and good in savings.

4- Public relations perfect.

5- Diplomatic.

6- Good liar.

7- Sharp memorized

8- Married.

9- Family oriented. 

10- Socially popular.

11- Clean and disciplined.

12- Good at driving. 

13- Member of a good social club

14- Strong profile on LinkedIn

15- Knows at least 5–15 CEOs of mid sized company heads personally.

16- Been to maximum good restaurants of his city.

17- Knows about good food.

18- Watch news a lot. With a flair for business news.

19- Travelled outside his country at least once.

20- His bank account is a very good high profile bank. 

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