Urad ki dal with urad ki vadi! 

Every year I promise to myself that I will not bring anything from India which is very rarely used in my kitchen. But I make mistakes bydrooling  about several fresh ingredientsin big kirana-parchuni (grocery)shops of Moradabad.

This year I bought tiny Urad dal vadis and used them 2-3 times in pulao or potato-tomatoes curries but rest are still in box although I bought only 250 gms. So now I have started using them in dals too. So that I am not forced to throw them away.

This dal tastes so delicious that my full bowl of dal with rice was eloped like anything during lunch time. Please try it sometime if you have vadis inhouse. You can use moong dal vadis too.

Ingredients –

1 Cup white Urad dal (washed n soaked in water for 3-4 hours)

1/4 Cup Green n white moong dal (washed n soaked with urad dal only)

1/2 Cup urad or moong vadiyans ( washed n soaked for 2-3 hours) 

1 Medium onion – peeled n chopped

1 Big tomato – peeled n chopped

4 Green chilles – chopped

1/4 Cup fresh ginger and garlic grated

1 Tbsp Turmeric powder

Salt according to taste

2 Tbsp Dry coriander powder

1 Tbsp ginger powder

1 Tbsp red chillies powder

1 Tbsp Jeera (cumin seeds)

1 Tsp Heeng (Asofoetida)

1/2 Cup desi ghee (optional but I prefer) 

Method –

1- Heat up desi ghee in a cooker.

2-  Add Heeng n jeera to it along with chopped onion,tomato,ginger n garlic. Mix well and let it fry for 5-8 minutes.

3- Mix well these ingrediends very well and again let it fry for more 2-3 minutes.

4- Now in a big bowl add dal and all spices alongwith vadiyan.

5- Crumble the vadis with fingers to finest possible.

6- Add 4-6 cups of water to this dal, spices and vadiyan mixture.

7- Pour it in to the cooker and close the lid.

8- Take one whistle on high flame.Take 3 whistles on low flame

9- You can serve it with chopped green coriander and red chilli tadka too.


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