Qatil Malai Koftey! 

Really wish to cut n show the inside of this melt in mouth koftas but I clicked only one picture and all koftas are already furrrrrrr! 😛

This is very much my own recipe and very different from others. My recipe includes several twists n turns so when you try, please keep as I am advising in details.

Ingredients – (Makes 12-14 koftas)

1- 4 Cups fresh paneer (cottage cheese)

2- 1/4 cup All purpose flour

3- 4 Tbsp corn flour

4- 2 Tbsp green chutney (corriander,mint n green chillies)

5- Green raisins – 22-24

6- 1 Tbsp salt

7- Fredh refind oil for frying

Method – 

1- In a mixi pot grind very well paneer.

2- Take it out in a bowl and add green chutney,all purpose flour, corn flour and salt. 

3- Mix very well and knead a dough.

4- Make 12-14 bowls and put 2 raisins in each and roll long shape like the picture.

5- Keep in fridge for 10-15 minutes.

6- Heat oil high, lowe the flame and start frying koftas one by one. Not all in one go. 

7- Fry golden brown n take out.

Ingredients – (Gravy)

Step – 1

1 Desi ghee or butter

4 Big red Indian onions or 2 big Egypt white onions

4 Big tomatoes

1/2 Cup green chillies cleaned n chopped

1 Bunch or 2 Cups green corriander cleaned and chopped

1 Cup grated fresh ginger

8 Cloves of fresh garlic (big)

Method – 

1- Heat desi ghee or butter.

2- Add chopped onions n let it fry for 5-6 minutes on lowest flame.

3- Add rest of the ingredients and mix very well.Close the lid of frying pan.

4- Keep frying for 15-20 minutes.Keep stirring in between.

5- Close the flame n let it cool down.

6- Grind to finest paste in mixi pot.

Ingredients – (Gravy)

Step – 2

1- 1 Tsp cinnamon powder

2- 1 Tsp green cardamom powder

3- 1 Tsp cloves powder

4- 1/2 Cup desi ghee

5- 1 Cup milk, 1 cup curd, 1/2 cup fresh cream mixed well

6- Salt according to taste

7- 4 Tbsp sugar

Method – 

1- Heat up ghee and add all spices except sugar n salt.

2- Add onions n tomatoes paste to it.

3- Mix well and add sugar n salt to it.

4- Now add cream, milk and curd paste to it.

5- Bring it to one boil and add koftas.

6- Spread gravy with little spoon ove koftas.

7- Close the flame and garnish with chopped corriander. 

Step -3 

Heat up 2 Tbsp desi ghee with few pinches of teekhi lal mirch powder and spread this tadka over the koftas. 

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