What about few mental rapists as FaceBook group admins?

Rapists need immediate death sentence.I agree. But what about those several well

educated females/males who make useless group rules and mentally rape hard working bloggers(specially female members) by banning n blocking them because they get more likes and fame due to their good n useful contents?

Mind it! It happens to thousands of female bloggers in India and other countries on daily basis and maximum time it is a female group admin harassing a female member in front of other silent female members(ALL SO CALLED WELL EDUCATED). Other than content theft from top hotels or local restaurants they face immense humiliation regularly by such GOD FaceBook group admins.

What is the harm in sharing blog links and youtube videos? If somebody is asking for a good recipe of something and as an immediate help one member posts something great and tried/tested one, group admins start abusing openly and putting most idiot phrase “NOT ALLOWED”.

Who these guys are? Cleopatra or Hitler? What belongs to them? Whole Earth? They are going to take content and group rules with them after their death too?

I saw one such highly abusive lady suffering from cancer and dying afterwords. I saw one such group admin(very young) in a massive road accident too.My kids faced one such woman’s over bullying and abusive kid in school too.

Why to take curses of unknown people who got nothing to do with you personally? Why to abuse, discard and annoy those who are nothing in your life?

Why you get up in the morning? To feel fresh and spend quality time throughout the day or to keep an eagle eye on contents posted in the group and to abuse to make somebody’s life hell and putting them in unexpected virtual stress? Where are your basic manners and educational levels?

What kind of productive things you are doing personally? What kind of lessons you guys are passing on to your own kids? That I abuse people online and you go and bully kids in school too?

Life is short! Very short! Every second counts. Try to control porn and abusive content but not creativity or help. Try to help others in watching more useful things through all kind of sources like blog links and youtube videos.

We all are humans not super guys with eternal life written in our birth charts. Everybody who is in your group knows who you are? Everybody watches when you being a woman abuse other woman openly. They might get scared of you, praise you and but for sure they hate you too behind your back.

Everybody watches you closely when you are a male group admin but never ever allowed your own wife to be on the group to post her pictures or write ups (like a well educated cow in home) in the name of “SHE IS NOT MUCH INTERESTED” but in the name of praising other females you are openly flirting and visiting those female members when their husbands not home is ok? But posting blog links/youtube videos in your group is a big NO NO.

From our own prime minister we expect a whole world facilities in5 years but in your own group you are not able to approve the post for 5-5 days and not ready to make any other member group admin too.Height of insecurity.

Wow! So today when you put your finger over FB icon, remember one thing please, you are a human being, dealing with other human beings on a FREE platform where FaceBook is giving you FREE access to create FREE groups to share knowledge which you made absolute hatred and filth in mind kind of thing to get cursed by unknown persons uselessly who are happy hearts and ready to share happiness but by your idiotic and nonsense rules you rape them mentally everyday. You give all your group members a piece of shit from your mind to feel bad for whole day.

When one woman/male feel abused openly they might leave the group but the mental agony they go through turned into silent curses. So next time your own kid/spouse misbehaves with you or anything bad happens in your life just remember one thing that bad karma is hitting you back.

I know one auch female group member who had a heart stroke after a group spat because of one shitty minded group admin yesterday was such group member only. Her few years old toddler needed her and her severely diabetic husband needed her too. That too badly.

Her fault was that to help other member’s query about certain thing she posted a youtube video and got cursed and scolded by group of group admins in and International Indian females FaceBook group. She passed away silently and nobody knows that she is gone but being in continuous touch I know she was highly under stressed mood which led her to unwished sudden passed away.

If you are a group admin please do not click on FaceBook icon to throw your own personal frustration out. You may not have idea that what kind of life struggles your lot members are going through. If you can not praise or like each and every post personally do not pass on your hatred too.

One we all will leave for God’s abode with nothing with us. There is no use for taking bad words from others for things which are not ours too.

We can make this Earth more beautiful by encouraging people to engage in sharing more in between. Without caste or religious beliefs we can lift each other too. Isn’t it?

Let us make a better world for others and us too. Spreading hatred and bad words means creating a KIND of image for us too. Isn’t it?

After reading this long rant if you still feel you are super woman or man please go ahead and throw all filth in your group rules. Honest people don’t care and may never visit or add more to your group too. Amen!

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