Yummilicious banana rava dosa! 

I make it when I am too happy plus when I do have Kissan’s mixed fruit jam in house.

I am addicted to these kind of heavenly desserts too much. These kind of desserts define my personality. Sweet and happy heart I am. 
Ok enough for self praising! Lolsss 🙂 
Ingredients – 
1 Cup suji(semolina any kind thick or thin)
1 Cup Self raising flour or (All

purpose flour with a 1/4 tap each of baking soda,salt and baking powder)

2 Ripe Bananas blended well in mixi

4 Tbsp pure desi ghee (butter oil)

1/4 Cup condensed milk

1 Tsp green cardamom powder

1 Tsp cinnamon powder

1/4 Tsp cloves powder

1/4 Tsp nutmeg powder

1 Cup Boiling milk

2 Cups Boiling water

Method – 
1- Mix all dry ingredients very well. 
2- Mix banana, desi ghee,milk, condensed milk, water in.Batter should not be watery. It should be semi thick. Keep aside for 10-15 minutes.

2- Lightly heat up a non stick pan, wipe with desi ghee soaked tissue paper and spread the batter just like dosa and sprinkle desi ghee over and it fry from both side till golden brown.

3- Serve immediately with Kissan’s mixed fruit jam. 

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