Gingerly yours(NY Hot dog Indian spicy way)!

Photo courtesy – Mrs. Renu Nandan 

(You might see the cheese corners burnt but it was on purpose for a specific taste) 

This is a coolest desi way to make hot dogs if you are looking for same hot dog in a  different flavor! 

The burst of flavors in your mouth will change the way you look at hot dogs forever! 

We gave it such a spicy n cheesy twist that every bite of this kind of hot dog will give you immense happiness of real tasty n spicy Indian flavors! 


Basic things

8 Hot dog buns

8 Chicken frankies 

Mustard sauce

Tomato ketchup 


2 Big Red tomatoes (no orange, yellow or green ones)

1/2 Cup Freshly grated ginger

1/2 Cup Freshly chopped green chillies (as per ur taste)

2 Big Red onions (peeled n chopped) 

8 Garlic cloves (peeled n grated) 

1/2 Cup Fresh green coriander (washed n finely chopped)

1 Tbsp Red chilli powder

1 Tbsp Salt  

1 Tbsp Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar 

4 Tbsp olive oil 

8 Slices Kraft cheddar cheese

Method –
1- In a big tray put all hot dog buns sliced in between.

2- Spread mustard sauce inside all sliced buns.

3- Spread tomato sauce over it.

4- Deep fry or saute chicken frankies and place one in each bun.

5- Slice tomatoes and put in microwavable bowl and heat for 7-8 minutes on high.No water to be added.

6- Grind these tomatoes to fine puree. 

7- Heat a pan and sprinkle olive oil.

8- Fry chopped onions,grated garlic,grated ginger and chopped onions very well to light brownish color.

9- Add vinegar, tomatoes puree and salt to this onion mix.

10- Fry this for 10-12 minutes on the lowest flame. 

11- Now add red chili powder and green coriander to it.Mix well and fry for 2-3 minutes and close the flame.

12- Switch on the oven on 250 degrees.

13- Spread this hot sauce over each hot dog and place one cheese slice too.

14- Grill the hot dogs for 5-8 minutes! 

15- Serve immediately! 

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