Yummy maalpua for cold n cough cure! 

It is always me in my whole family who gets flu every winters. I know how it catches me only. I rush out almost without sweaters during my kids school bus arrival and chilled sea winds goes through my ears. It is all because of my Rambo style t shirts n pyjamas which I wear feeling comfortable.

But I have personal care idea for my cold n cough. I make maalpuas to get rid of that heavy throat and running nose.

Even my kids remind me lot many times to make this maalpua.

Ingredients – (4-6 small medium maalpuas)

1/2 Cup All purpose flour(I use it for crunchiness but you can use atta (whole wheat flour too)

1/4 Cup semolina (suji – any kind)

2 Tbsp pure butter oil(desi ghee)

1/2 Tsp Clove oil (Must Must Must)

1 Tbsp mix of dry ginger powder, cinnamon powder, green cardamom powder, nutmeg powder, black pepper powder, black cardamom powder

1/2 Cup Condensed milk 

1/2 Ripe banana grated

4-6 Tbsp warm milk (any kind)

Butter oil(desi ghee for frying)

Non stick pan (must must must)

Method –

1- Mix all ingredient together very well.

2- Keep aside for 1 hour.

3- Now heat up the non stick pan and wipe it with desi ghee dipped tissue paper.

4- Spread 3-4 tbsp batter and spread it in round shape. Bigger the better.

5- Sprinkle melted desi ghee over the pua.

6- Keep the flame lowest possible.

7- Flip it and fry till golden brown.

8- Serve it with Nutella or some flavored honey. 

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