Quickest n best remedy for anti aging or skin polishing.

This powder is having multiple uses i.e.

1- For skin polishing

2- For anti aging skin

3- For kids face and body massage 

4- For skin shining

5- As a skin moisurizing balm

6- As a natural n herbal soap too.

You can make it in large quatity and can mix it in milkshakes or warm milks to drink .

You can eat it every night as health supplement too.

Actually it is very much benefical for bones n heart too.

If you are diabetic, pls make it with sugarfree.


2 Cups of good quality almonds

1 cup sugar

Method  –

1- Grind the almond,sugar to finest powder and store in airtight jar.

2- Take 1 Tsp on your palms and  mix in with cold water or rose water or chilled milk.

3- Rub on face very well and leave for 15-20 minutes.

4- Now wet your palms with water and again rub your face to make this pack wet again.

5- Wash when it dries.

6- For best results do this 2 times a day. Early morning and before going to bed.

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