10 Bollywood related questions answered.h

1- Why do these big bollywood stars wear sunglasses all the time?

Answer – They convert their poor eyesight glasses to the goggles and that way it works multiple ways. They can avoid flash lights, hide eyes without makeup and can see well too.

2- How come they get clicked at lot many unexpected places and how come these photographers know where are they heading off?

Answer – All thanks to PR teams they hire. Going out or in the airports, functions, kids schools or even a random gym visit. They tell them and call the photographers for clicking perfect shots. After those clicks Pr agency starts working as fans or groups to spread the pics all over the social media.

3- Why they never show pictures with in-laws or family persons?

Answer – Only one thing is a reason. Personality and fashion. You can not expect their in-laws to be as fashionable or presentable all the time as the stars do. So they avoid the personality clashes in one picture.

4- What do they do with so many clothes, shoes and fashion accessories.

Answer – Old stars have their godown to stack the stuff but new generation often wear borrowed clothes from the designers and brands. They return it after using it. So that way they skip the own pocket expenses and storage too. They often resell their stuff to genuine fans too as a souvenir.

5- Do they really reply themselves to mails or tweets?

Answer – Yes. Now a days they all are high insecure of each other. They all keep snooping in each others life as it is one of the most smallest circle they belong to. They keep a strong tap on fan followings and everyday happenings. So young upcoming stars prefer direct interacting and older Bollywood ian’s still

depend on young secretaries to do the job according to the market demands.

6- Do they really use all the brands they represent?

Answer – Nope. Hardly. Because if they are worth endorsing a brand they already wear heavier and finest things in the real life. If they sell 2 millions watch they wear much more higher priced watch in real life. Same with jewels.

7- Why do they hide marriage pics and babies face too?

Answer – Wedding time if it is very highly decorated and heavy affair they prefer showing off. But if it is a wedding with loads of objections in the family and very simple, not so good cloth or jewels they try to hide it at any cost. But lot many times they sell their wedding pics to magazines in advance.

Same reason with hiding babies too. They make exclusive contracts for their kids childhood pics and later on release other not covered in contract pictures.

8- Why do they often die of poverty and hunger? Why nobody in Bollywood supports them much?

Answer – EGO issues and not so good PR consultations.They stop getting work and kept themselves in the illusions of being THAT star of THAT time.

If they start attending shops opening ceremonies or wedding on paid basis lot of them can get loads of money. But they never try to cash their popularity. Few years back one good actor died of poverty but he was not ready to cut the ribbon in a function in a city for quite a good amount.

They do not know their own potential of earning and their sheer bad luck that there is no agency to help them in this too. If they start accepting small paid get together invitations they can earn minimum 5-6 lakhs per month easily. But EGO never allows them

to do so. They can give their own small

ads but EGO keeps them controlled badly.

They badly and really need “Hire an actor” website. People could reach them

with great offers for attending personalize functions.

9- Romantic scandals are real? Why can’t they take precaution in advance to avoid these bitterness in between.

Answer – 90 % Of them are paid scandals to remain in publicity. It is an old way to show that they are young and beautiful. But they are also all in all human beings too.

When hero spent a good time in touching and kissing the heroine a kind of attachment develops naturally. But later on they start throwing stones on each other being possessive or feelings mentally harassed. But it is their poor kids who suffer very badly.

10- What kind of food they take actually? They must be having chocolates, pastries and fine wines all!the time.

Answer – Medicines and multivitamins actually. If they are big stars, they are always under too much traveling and work commitments. They eat appropriately and almost very little. Just energy boosters because food actually make them

look fat on tummy. They need loads of time to burn the fat.

So they actually eat little amount.

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