20 Cooking tips for the professional bachelors.

During my tenure in multiple jobs I saw lot many devastated n homesick boys searching for home delivery food options or good restaurants. Some of them use to throw lot of food or kept asking if you need 250 gms of turmeric powder packet for free? It happens a lot, specially to those males who like very mild food or over spicy food. Finally they end up in having health problems like constipation or piles. That is why I thought of writing this article for working and living lonely bachelors.

1- Rule no.1 one is to divide the work in between very strictly if you are living with a room partner. Either do all work together half n half or be ready to do equal work. I cook you clean or vice versa.

2- Never ever buy lot of spices and stick to basic ones like salt, turmeric, red chilli powder or readymade spices mix (Garam Masala).If you need to vacate the accommodation or shift to other place than in advance stop buying stuff.

3- Avoid buying big quantities of flour, rice,sugar or milk.Buy what is needed for a week.Keep inform each other about traveling programs too.Buy fresh use fresh to avoid possible wastage.Avoid buying large butters packs as well.

4- Keep small pack/tin of milk powder for emergency uses along with condensed milk tins.

5- Avoid drinking too much coffee or tea.Instead of 10-12 cups of tea try to have one cup milk morning and one cup of milk night with Horlicks, Boost or Bournvita.This will save you from washing pans again and again.

6- Everyday throw garbage for sure. Don’t keep your kitchen smelly or cluttered.While working on kitchen top keep a wet cotton towel around and clean the surface immediately. Set alarm for it and keep reminding others also. Never throw liquids in garbage bins.

7- Try to learn boiled potatoes mixed with grated carrots,sweet corns and other fresh veggies. I t goes well with bread as sandwiches, as burger patty, chapati or as cutlet with tomato sauce.

8- For easiest breakfast mix 1 cup milk,1 cup curd, 1/2 cup mixed nuts,6 tbsp honey,1 chopped and peeled apple, 1 peeled and sliced banana and 1 cup or rolled oats.Mix all keep in fridge overnight and blend in mixi pot very well. Or u can make it fresh too. One of the best power packed breakfast.

9- If your routine involves heavy lunches or ordered junk food like burger pizza or curries than keep your dinner ready and less messy. Try to have fruits, fruit shakes, fresh fruit juices with easy salads.That way you will have powerful smoothies for breakfast and healthy salads for dinner.

10- On weekends try to prepare one special thing which you can have as brunch and dinner too with salads.Don’t keep days old leftovers around. Give them immediately to needy ones around. Eat fresh and healthy as much as possible.

11- Keep asking around for easy recipes to try.Search google, watch youtube videos and visit cooking blogs. You will get number of ideas.

12- Try to keep your recipes as simple as you can. It will keep you less stressed if you wish to make it again. Best flavors from the vegetables comes from salt, red chilly powder and turmeric only.

13- Keep some cornflakes, biscuits, chips and sweets box for emergency hunger trips. And you can make salad in a big box also for midnight munching.

14- Fill a big bottle full of water and squeeze two lemons in it, drop some tea bags and little sugar in it. Keep it in fridge and here you have iced tea for 3-4 times.

15- Tea masala works great as flavor enhancer for pulaos, boiled potatoes veggies and to mix in vegetable based omelets also.

16- Achar masala also a great staple to make dry potatoes vegetable.

17- If you have wheat flour, rice, spices, pulses bread, potato, green chillies and onions in kitchen you hardly need to order food.

18- The quickest food you can make in kitchen is ata pakoda. Just chop some onions and green chillies, wash and dice one big potato, mix in few spoons of wheat flour, salt and cumin seeds. Deep fry in small batches. Tastes great with tomato sauce.

19- Jam, Jelly, Maramalades, ketchups and butter are great time saving staples in your kitchen.

20- With boiled rice you can mix in curd and sugar to make quickest meal again.

All the best.

6 thoughts on “20 Cooking tips for the professional bachelors.

  1. Jeanne says:

    #12 for the win. The best tip is to keep things simple! Cooking doesn’t need to be elaborate or difficult. Fresh ingredients and simple cooking methods are perfect for a single person.

  2. Sarah Camille says:

    These are great tips! It can be hard to just cook for one person. I love making a big dish in my crockpot at the beginning of the week and then enjoying the leftovers throughout the week. 🙂

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