10 Easy ways to handle teenagers acne problem.

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1- Regular scrubbing – A good walnut scrub or chickpea flour mixed with sugar,salt and turmeric used every second day in the night can do wonders and keeps acne away too. 

2- Astringent – Buy an alcohol based astringent if blackheads are appearing too much. Ask them to dip cotton ball dipped with astringent morning and evening on face regularly. It helps a lot. I am using Avon’s astringent for my son and it is very useful.

3- Controlling the scalping (dandruff) – Please pay attention if your kid is having dandruff if his or her face is full of acne? Dandruff also can be cause of acne. So keep their head clean by giving them medicated shampoo to wash hairs. 

4- Regular shaving for boys – Introduce your son to shaving. Guide him to use new and personal razors only.To not to share it ever with anybody. Let them clean their face every second day. Just like military guys do. One mantra. Keep it clean.

5- Avoid cheap deo sticks – cheap deo sticks actually contains certain chemicals which can trigger the acne on face and body. So always ask them to opt for herbal options like using rose water or very good branded deo only. 

6- Face packs – Twice in a week apply face pack on their faces. For dry skin something like almonds paste with turmeric and for very oily skin opt for mud packs or chickpea flour packs.

7- Steam press- Take cold water and hot water in two bowls. One time wipe face with hot water dipped cotton ball and one time with cold water dipped cotton ball. Repeat it 20 times. It will clear the face with in 3-4 days from teenage acne. Do it once in 15-20 days if acne is regular problem. 

8- Green smoothies – Mix cabbage,spinach, cucumber and curd to make smoothie. Give your teenage kids it regularly. Cabbage will keep clean the bowel movement and curd,spinach, cucumber are good source of anti oxidants. 

9- Pillow cover and towel – If acne is too much than wash their pillow cover and towel every second day with medicated water like diluting dettol or something like that. 

10- Toothpaste – If big n visible but few pimples appear than do not panic at all.Just apply mint based white toothpaste as dot on the pimple and it will vanish after few applications. 

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