Yummmmy Kadhi with left over dahi vadas. 

I was about to pour out my heart’s sadness to my elder sister Pallavi over the phone for big bowl of leftover dahi vadas and what I heard is that she is also in same boat like me. She was making kadhi with left over dahi vadas. 
I took the recipe and tried it this afternoon. 6 Big dahi vadas with filling inside now mixed in kadhi and big bowl of kadhi wiped out in 10-15 minutes. 

Can you imagine? I mean never saw any leftover thing reinvented and liked this much. Please try if you have leftover dahi vadas after Diwali party or like that situation. 


1- Left over dahi vadas (cut them into half if they are very hard or big)

2- Besan  

3- Curd (what I suggest is take the dahi vadas out n keep aside in plate, now mix in some fresh curd too) 

4- Asofoetida(heeng)

5- Jeera (Cumin seeds)

6- Methidana powder(Fenugreek seeds powder) 

7- Salt – according to taste as well as turmeric powder too. 

8- Green chillies finely chopped- according to your taste

9- Red chillies powder or flakes

10- Garam masala ( whole spices powder) 

11- Drinking water

12- Refind oil 

Method – 

1- This whole process is quite tricky.

2- Just cut the dahi vadas into halves.

3- Now mix in water, left over dahi of vadas and besan.

4- Mix or blend very well so that no lumps of the besan left.

5- Now heat the refind oil and put jeera, methidana powder, salt, turmeric powder, red chillies powder and chopped green chillies.

6- Fry for a while and add besan curd mix water into it. 

7- Bring it to boil and now add dahi vadas to it. 

8- Mix well with light folds.

9- Simmer it for 20-22 minutes on alow flame. 

10- Cover the lid when done and serve after 10 minutes. 

11- Tastes great with onion fried rice of freshly made simple boiled rice. 

Thank you Pallavi Didi🙏🏻

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