10 Great kitchen tools for me! 

Since 15 years of my marriage career involves very serious cooking.

Here is the list of few really helping tools I started using as real help around.

1- Preethi 1300 Watts superrr se upar grinder  n mixer – 

It exists never knew. Somehow I convinced myself to buy this machine after 9 years long suffering of several mixis breakdown and foonk gayi drama to opt for a hevaier watts machine. Big thanks to my friend Renu Nandan who bought this 6-7 kgs heavy machine all the way from India to Qatar. This machine is superb and very heavy duty if you are into grinding spices in home. 

2- Philips cuicina food processor – 

I am using this machine since 8 years for making milk shakes, kadhi batter, chopping leafy veggies and kneading dough. I use it everyday for dough kneading. Recently I tried making making water melon juice in it too.

3- Herbs slicer scissors –


I spent precious several hours of my life in chopping green chillies, dhania and pudina by cruel knives and regular scissors wothout knowing that THIS scissors do exists. Anyhow this is an awesome find and chopping chillies and herbs is such an easy task for me now.

4- Silicon spatula –

I use it mainly for taking out remains from mixi pots and stirring things in non stick pans. Again I must say that these kind of things save you from loads of tiny frustrations actually. Please buy it if you work with gravies a lot. 

5- Garlic presser – 

Just pop in garlic cloves and start oressing to get finest paste type garlic in a second. Keep removing the remains of garlic skin and carry on. That one help on the last moment of cooking it is. 

6- Grater – 

Grating carrots or cucumber for raita and grating tomatoes for curries is so easy with this simple manual grater. 

7- Slicer/grater – 

Onions, cucumbers and cabbages are most easy thing to slice through with this kind of tool. Whenever I have small cabbage this is around me for easy slicing. Salads making is so easy and making cucumber raita is fun with it.

8- Manual spice/ginger grinder-

My mornings start with this manual grinded as I put ginger in it and start bashing for making one cup tea for my better half. Very usefull for grinding fresh spices for small uses.  

9- Knives holder – 

It is mounted at bit higher place in my kitchen but very useful to keep track of my knives. It keeps my knives in view and accessible too. Always!

10- Tissue,foil and wrap holder – 

This is one of the best thing to install in your kitchen to avoid wastage of all three. Lot many times you really realize that you can do without taking out anything from it. Lol! 

Hope this collection of kitchen tool helped you.🙏🏼 

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